About Us

D.A. Foster Company was founded in 1949 with the philosophy that the key to success is safe, reliable performance and quality workmanship.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we strive to not only successfully meet these needs but to surpass them.


In the construction industry, very few things are more important than the experience of the team you place on job sites. The reassurance and peace of mind that a team knows what to do and how to do it is second to none.


We can submit bids on short notice for jobs ranging from a few thousand to several million dollars. We are comfortable summiting Lump Sum pricing or Unit pricing when it comes to bids.


With a large fleet of trucks, equipment, and staff we have the capability to operate multiple, concurrent jobs without weakening supervision or equipment.


We are licensed and qualified to service all areas of Northern Virginia, areas in DC, Maryland, and West Virginia. With multiple crews all prepared with the necessary equipment and tools, we are always ready to tackle any project at hand. When you call, we pick up.

Projects of Any Scale

Our goal is to assist all-size builders from homeowners or home builders to project managers of large-scale developments and complexes.

D.A. Foster Company is ready to be your leading resource for your next project, as we get the job done right while handling your project efficiently and safely.