. DA Foster :: One Source One Solution


D.A. Foster Company is a One Source, One Solution Company. With over 60 years of expertise in the heavy construction industry, we continue to provide the diversified services required by our clients.  When it comes to utility construction; experience saves time and reduces cost.  .D.A. Foster is equipped to handle every phase of a project and to make every project as smooth as possible for every client. With the knowledge and experience that our crews bring to your project you can be sure that every project is done right the first time.

New business services - We have gained respect with many of the area's large utility companies, as we lay the way for running electric, gas, water, sewer and telephone lines to new projects, under a wide variety of conditions.

Replacement - Replacing old cables, lines and pipes in established areas can be especially difficult and often require experience with precise and expert use of heavy and specialty equipment.

Relocation -One of the many services offered by the D. A. Foster Company is the relocation of large diameter gas transmission lines.

When it comes to getting the work done, there are several reasons why DA Foster Company is the right choice.

  • The ability to submit bids on short notice for jobs ranging from a few thousand to several million dollars.
  • The mobility to assemble and place a crew on an emergency job.
  • The extensibility to handle construction work in remote areas with competence.
  • The capability to operate multiple, concurrent jobs without diluting supervision, equipment, or financial backing.
  • The responsibility to maintain high standards of safety for crew and equipment and project quality.


Lighting systems
Wiring, rewiring, repair
Service upgrades
Underground Lighting systems
Wiring, rewiring, repair
Service upgrades
Underground electrical and utility lines